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Choosing a Trainer

There are many individuals or organizations out there performing camps, clinics, training, etc. Some are well educated, highly trained people with professionalism and legitimate credentials. They have learned the game inside and out, gained experience at a higher level, hold a degree or satisfied some professional certification and possess a given skill of educating and inspiring young people to improve themselves.

Unfortunately, others are popping up with some basketballs in the trunk of their car and some copies of a flyer trying to "make a buck". After listening to many unsatisfied parents we felt it was important to educate folks on the process of investigating "so called" trainers, coaches or organizations. This is why we like to refer to Collegiate Prep as, "All Stuff, No Fluff". We function with integrity and get results! We are who we say we are and are only concerned with doing things the right way while being here for the long haul.



 Check credentials with organizations or schools that people make claims regarding their past.
Many people unfortunately will make claims to bolster their resume even though they never achieved a certain level or were a member of a specific program.

 Make sure insurance has been secured.
If an injury occurs are you protected?  If you are only working with Coach Joe from the park will he pay for your medical bills and take care of you?

 Are they a legally registered and operating company in Georgia.
The mortgage business is down, real estate has come to a crawl and all of a sudden a former player decides to make some money the easy way by starting an AAU team.  If you were having heart surgery would you want it performed by a  bus driver or a surgeon?  Professionalism, credentials and proven results matter!

 Discuss the refund policy in case of injury, unsatisfied results or if they decide to close up shop.
Yes, this actually happens all the time.  All parents pay the same yet some kids, the bottom 5, rarely play.  A player gets hurt and their tuition is non-refundable.  The coach is habitually late and/or cuts sessions short.

 Never pay in advance for long range programming...even for a discounted rate.
If someone is drastically cutting rates if you pay way in advance there is something fishy.  At worst, the trainer does not work as hard because they already have your money and the actual work is a mere formality.  At that time, they are on to the next pay check.

 Affiliations or sponsors do not guarantee a quality program.
Nike quite often has a contract with a third party who then contracts any individual who wants to run a camp.  That does not mean it is a "Nike Camp".  Nike does not even deal with the actual director of the camp.  That does not mean that your child has a better chance of making the team.  More times than not it just means they are going to over charge for the camp so they can pay for all the advertising and Nike gear...that's all.

 Coaches can't "get you a scholarship".
Unless the coach has a family member as the President of a college or university, no coach can guarantee a scholarship down the road.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only the college coach with the scholarship will be the one that makes that decision, not the coach training the player.

 You have to play YBOA/AAU to get college exposure.
This is only possible if college coaches are actually attending the events your child is playing in and they are sitting and watching his/her game.  College coaches are not watching kids playing in 15 an under age divisions...period!  Next weekend try and count the number of college coaches wearing collared polo shirts with their school logo in the stands.

 Be wary of people who copy others ideas, terms, philosophies or techniques.
Success breeds duplication or imitation, that is a fact.  However, it is not the structure, organization or concept that is important.  It is the execution of the program that matters.  McDonald's can effectively serve "Billions and Billions" as they claim on all their signs, but Collegiate Prep chooses to take it one relationship at a time.

 People who change locations every 2 years or so tells a story.
Packing up and moving from one location to the next or an affiliation with a church/school and then on to another one usually means a bridge has been burned.  Obviously things change with time, but if the organization/person is reputable, the business relationship has been built on trust, respect, integrity and quality performance then it should be a win/win relationship.  These circumstances do not lead to always being on the move like a snake oil salesman following the circus from town to town.

The "grass" is always greener, but the "poop" still stinks the same.

Nobody is perfect and every place has positives as well as negatives...that is reality. Duke, UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Indiana or Kentucky even have negatives. If they didn't all the best players would always go there and they would always win the NCAA Championship. That is not the case. Don't just take others word for it. Just like you preach to your kids and just like you do when you make any business decision...gather the facts, do your homework and make an intelligent, informed decision.

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