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Gym Rules and Policies

 We will only enter or exit the gyms at the designated doors from the parking lot outside the gym.  We will never use a main entrance to the actual school.

The actual gym and the adjacent restrooms are the only places we should ever be.  Leaving younger siblings in the foyer to play is unacceptable.

Gates close 10 minutes after the final practice or  game of the evening.

Younger siblings if attending are to be sitting with you as the parent.  Our coaches are not personal babysitters so if the parent is not attending younger siblings are not welcome.

Players flush the toilets after you use them.  Wash your hands before returning to the court.

We provide the basketballs and ask that you do not bring your own.  When others bring basketballs we can’t keep track of ours.  The alternative is to not provide basketballs and have kids bring their own.  I have never liked this option and feel we can work together on this issue.

Water fountains are provided at every gym.  However, if you feel the need to bring your own bottle it is to be kept off the gym floor and on the bleachers or bench.  Players, you must tighten your cap or close it before setting the bottle back down.  Tossing, rolling or throwing your bottle to the sideline is unacceptable.

 Prompt transportation is expected.

 Early Practice Group: YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE BUILDING UNTIL THE COACH HAS ARRIVED.  You should never enter the actual gym until a CPBA coach says it is OK and the Middle School teams are completed with their practice.  If you are waiting for a ride please sit on the side and wait.  Be respectful of the teams practicing and you are not allowed to shoot on the side.

Late Practice Group: If you arrive early you are expected to sit and watch not play on the sides. The custodians need us out of the gyms at the scheduled times. Parents our coaches do not provide rides.  Please be on time.

When we encounter wet weather be sure to walk on the rugs or mats and dry your feet thoroughly before entering the gym.  If you can hear your feet squeak when walking they are still wet. Go back and wipe them again.

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