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2020-21 Sunday Winter Travel League...  


1. If you already have an account "LOG IN".  If you do not have an account within Collegiate Prep, click "REGISTER" and create one and then "LOG IN".

2. Once logged into your account, select "VOLUNTEER" in the left hand column.  (Even if you have coached in the past you need to complete this step...DO NOT select "programs available" which registers a player.  (We ARE NOT registering individual NOT invite any players to your roster).

3. Select "FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES" on the next screen

4. Select the DOWN ARROW to the far right of the word Basketball which will reveal all offered team divisions.  Select your desired division. If you are creating/coaching more than one team you must repeat the process for each individual team and select the separate division.  If you are a feeder director you will need to repeat this process with each individual coach's email associated with each individual team separately and not part of one single registration. i.e....create a separate account for each coach to form each new team.

5.  Select "VIEW SELECTED OPPORTUNITIES" at the bottom of the page.

6. "SELECT" under Head Coach on the next page

7. "SELECT" where it reads your name

8. Enter your team name...Please include your grade and then either "A" or "B" based on your previously selected division in your team name.  e.g....6A Mavericks.  Then select "CONTINUE" at the bottom of the page.

9. Select "CONTINUE" again on the next page

10.  Confirm your information on your contact page and select "CONTINUE" again at the bottom of page 

11. Select "CONTINUE" again at the bottom of the order summary page

12.  Select the "ARROW" to the right of the payment method and choose your payment method. 

a) If you choose to pay by check you will simply select "SUBMIT ORDER" and you are done.  Please make sure your check will ARRIVE by October, 28, 2020 to make it on the schedule.  If you choose to pay by check please pay $1,500 made to Collegiate Prep Basketball PO BOX 88 Alpharetta, GA 30009.

b) If you choose to pay by credit card simply enter your information, agree to "terms and conditions" and then select "SUBMIT ORDER"

Unlike in the past we ARE NOT registering individual players or inviting individual players to your team and registering trough the online system. Once we receive your TEAM REGISTRATION we will send you a form for roster (type information and return) and waiver/liability (print and hand write before returning).

Additional Notes:

"YES", if you are wanting to play in 2 separate divisions you must complete and pay for 2 separate registrations. 

If you want to avoid the service charge for credit card processing you are welcome to send a check to CPBA PO Box 88 Alpharetta, GA 30009.  Your team is NOT CONFIRMED until payment is accepted and we will be on a first come first served basis with limited spots due to gym restrictions and Covid.
If you have any problems you should contact Coach Tucker directly at [email protected]  or call 678.778.9027.

In order to register for a program, you must set up a Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect account. Even if you already have an account with a different organization, you must set up a NEW account specific to Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy. This is a Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect requirement. 

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