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Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy

2020 Spring Training

2020 Spring Program
Locations and Times: 

Vickery Creek Middle School located at 6240 Post Rd. Cumming 30041
Mondays and Wednesdays 

5th & 6th grade boys and MS girls  6pm - 8pm
7th & 8th grade boys and HS girls 7pm - 9pm

Start Date: 3/2/2020
Last Date: 5/13/2020
Off Break: 4/6/2020 - 4/10/2020

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Additional Info: Ages and Pricing


At CPBA, we do not limit play due to ages or grade level. We believe in creating the best possible competition for each
group of players we teach.

 5th and 6th Grade Boys
MS Girls

7th, 8th and 9th Grade Boys
HS Girls

****due to many factors over the past 5 - 7 years and the erosion of girls basketball, the girls will be
placed with boys based on their ability and performance


New Player: $595
(which breaks down to $14.87 per hour)

Returning Player with Jersey: $545 
($13.62 per on court hour)

Additional or replacement jersey: $30

***attending a fall/spring training program with a jersey constitutes a returning player; simply attending a summer camp does not



The goal of this program is to provide a highly competitive environment in which players will expand their individual skills.  We will duplicate the "proven" program already executed while adding live game action on a weekly basis.  This program is available for boys and girls.


This program will be different from other programs offered in the past. There will be limited space as we are reducing enrollment to increase personal attention and repetitions. A 10:1 coach to player ratio. Players will be evaluated and placed according to their performance on the court into homogeneous groups. This will enhance our staff's ability to teach relative to the level of the group and provide for better competition.


We are only interested in doing the things that will benefit each individual player and help best prepare them for the future. We do not get involved with petty politics nor have parents of players in our program instruct. We hold players accountable for their own improvement in a demanding yet inspiring and enthusiastic professional manner.


The curriculum will focus primarily on individual fundamental skill development, small group competitive breakdowns and 5 on 5 practical application of game concepts through our revolutionary "Cut-Throat Play System.  Parents who are looking for a heavy dose of full court games with all the bells and whistles we suggest the travel team option instead. 


Our schedule includes 2 night practices per week (Mon/Wed), for a 2 hour segment< for 10 total weeks (5 before spring break and 5 after).  Due to feedback from families whose kids are trying to juggle multiple sports and activities we have condensed the schedule and reduced the number of sessions per week while adding additional time per night.  It is very important to have full attendance at these sessions to apply each week's focal points in a game environment or quite simply your child is falling behind and hurting their teammates.


Many players coming out of their winter situation fall into 3 critical categories:

1) great experience on their MS or winter Travel/REC team and are looking to develop counters to their strengths and any weaknesses.  These people understand that it is about habit changing and habit forming behaviors...they will excel in life!

2) made a travel or competitive team, were PSYCHED in October, but somehow found themselves sitting on the bench and losing the enthusiasm for the process by Christmas.  Now, in January, the parent actually can see a regression (many factors influencing), but their wants to actively be involved and get PRACTICAL ACTIVE REPETITIONS...this kid excels in our program and usually makes up for lost time and passes other kids who continue to just do the same thing.

3) played on what was billed as a "travel team" (but in actuality was a "daddyball" team/pimp coached team that got massacred all season) or had simply a weak non-committal school ball coach, or played rec and have no idea truly how far behind the competition they are.  These folks are on a track to having their playing career ended before they know it.  It is just a matter of time relative to the competition at their individual school and classmate make-up.

Collegiate Prep simply meets the needs of all 3 categories by having a PROVEN SYSTEM with success that actually EDUCATES and INSPIRES every player to be CHALLENGED and ACCOUNTABLE to work OUTSIDE THEIR CURRENT COMFORT ZONE.

Our competitors can try and duplicate, but they can never replicate our attitude, effort, accountability and performance.

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