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This is the greatest time in your life.  You are in the process of being recruited to live out your dream of being a collegiate scholarship athlete.  Whether it is one school or several and whether they are all D-I offers or crossing lines between D-I and D-II, the moment is no less cherished. 

My first piece of advice is to enjoy the process and live in the moment.  Too many times in life we are always striving for more or focused on the result that we lose sight of the process.  Maximizing your high school experience should be paramount and not at the expense of your achievement.  However, those who fail to plan, do proper research, learn from others’ mistakes or focus on the wrong items are bound to be less than successful or fulfilled in the future…especially at a much more competitive level.

Every college coach is a used car salesperson of sorts and will attempt to control the narrative by having you focus on the items they want.    My job is to assist you in truly defining the experience that YOU want. Then through educating you and persistence, finding you the best possible match. 

There are an infinite number of variables that I will walk you through to expose those tactics, but more importantly steer the narrative toward your most important criteria.  These variables are wide and varied and the order of importance is as unique as you.  What I like to tell young achievers is that your situation is not one of win or lose, but rather degree of win.  Again, you are living out your dream and that puts you in the top 99th percentile of humanity!

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