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HS Player - No Offers

You are a solid and successful high school player on the court, but for some reason you are not receiving the level of interest from college coaches.  You are confident in your abilities and you have competed with and against other players who are receiving interest from schools.  Some of these players you feel you are every bit as good as or even better.  Some you have even had success playing against.  Your gut is telling you that if you were just given a chance, your play on the court would convince the naysayers otherwise.

Your parents, at this point, have paid thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars including  but not limited to; travel teams, camps/clinics, recruiting combines, sneakers/uniforms, personal trainers, admissions fees, gas/mileage, hotels, flights and an infinite number of meals/entertainment while killing time between games.  Parents will have an endless number of ways to justify all of these costs as the means to an end, but in reality the overwhelming majority had an end in mind all along whether they were openly honest with themselves or not. 

You have also probably followed the advice of another infinite number of self-professed “experts” from daddyball coaches, HS Jr. Feeder coaches, travel coaches, HS coaches, etc. I am not specifically targeting anyone, nor am I condemning any group as a whole. I firmly believe that everything is a situation and needs to be examined on a case by case basis.  However, I am also referencing the literally thousands of cases I have been involved with since 1993.

Here is the bottom line…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now the question is are you simply not being seen or are you not being marketed properly.  The other factor involved may be as simple as geography and if put in another environment you may find the perfect situation to be a coveted commodity.  Sounds like a disrespectful or insensitive term, but it is the brutal honest truth.

Having experience at two separate levels of D-I, D-III and as a head coach in the NJCAA I am intimately qualified to navigate the varying offerings at each unique circumstance.  The challenge is facilitating you to the understanding that your dream situation may not be the actual school you have always dreamed about, but rather a school you have never heard of that is a perfect fit for what you have yet to specifically define.

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