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Travel Team, Feeder Team and Parent Coached Teams

In this category we have the infancy of the deterioration of the game.  A decline in watered down recreation programs where we don’t even teach basic rules anymore, fall and spring dominated sports limiting the opportunity for a complete winter basketball season and an over emphasis coaching to win has lowered the overall level of play, minimized basic fundamentals and reduced basketball I.Q. 

Systemically, the focus has become primarily parent recruited teams with an absolute agenda for the preservation of their kid’s interest and a “sales pitch” on the need to “keep the boys together”.  Too many times this person is unequivocally NOT qualified, has an agenda and many times falls victim to the paradox of God’s sense of humor (the kid does not differentiate between coach and daddy) 😊.  This scenario often leads to the coach’s kid starting when not deserved, playing a pivotal position that is unwarranted or a second set of standards that allows them to get preferential treatment with regard to mistakes.

The next scenario is the “travel team” where we grossly over pay because we want no part of rec or the travel organization provides coaches to the HS feeder team and then the extortion of “you better come play with me in the off-season or you probably won’t make the team next year” is insinuated either directly or indirectly.  The other travel ball team experience is the one where now the HS coach “has a guy” and if the parent pays that guy they will have a fast track to making the HS team in the future because hey, they ARE wearing the HS uniform in 3rd through 8th grade.  The last category is the independent travel guy that is just looking to make a buck and once he receives your check in advance of the season, he goes on cruise control and then simply acts like a cheerleader on the sidelines.

For the predominantly 5’10” – 6’2” player in high school this systemically has made the process less productive and navigable….to the point where I constantly see HS varsity kids that can’t do a basic weak hand layup and shoot less than 30% from behind the arc.  

I am able to help give you honest answers and avoid mistakes or at minimum give you facts as we all know that “your daily habits will define you” and learn from other people’s experiences.

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