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General Overview

1.  City of Roswell recreation Centers.  East Roswell Park 9000 Fouts Rd Roswell, GA 30076.  Due to the number of teams we may have overflow games at other facilities that will TBD.

2. King's Ridge Christian School 2765 Bethany Bend Alpharetta, GA 30004. 

Adler gym is located by turning left at the roundabout and the gym is at the far end of the building to your right.  Additional parking is located behind the building.
Student Center Gym with Courts 1 and 2 will be to the right of the roundabout and follow the driveway to the back of the property behind the football field.

Team Information:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy Winter Travel League.  The league has been designed to meet the needs of school, feeder, regional travel and parent coached teams along the GA 400 corridor, seeking a competitive format without restrictions of play with recreational or church leagues such as basket height, pressing, minimum playing time requirements, etc.  In a nutshell, people want REAL BASKETBALL!

Each coach is responsible for the management of her or his team, players, parents and fans.

Divisions:             4th, 5th, 6th ,7th, 8th & HS grade boys

5th & 6th and 7th & 8th Grade Girls  *NEW* These divisions have been added due to high level of interest

**** Our goal is to “place” teams in appropriate divisions where there is relative competition.  It is just as annoying and useless to the team that wins by 25-50 pts as it is the losing team.  This lopsided outcome also leads to parent hysteria and behavior issues so we do our best to temper those situations.

Head Coaches need to communicate with Coach Tucker for the placement of your team.  In the past, we had an “evaluation period” for the first two weeks of the season, but parents have been frustrated by not having an entire schedule immediately.  Thus, the new structure, even though it will be a much more subjective placement process.


“A” Division:     any and all 1st team Feeder teams
any independent “recruited” or “compilation” teams
travel or other organization “tryout” teams

“B” Division:     B or second level Feeder teams
B or second level team that has a “tryout” team from the same organization in our league.
church or Rec. team that plays together in their other league.
a group that is expected to be a weak team, but want to stay together and not play apart in a Rec/church league

Schedule: Dates and Times

Dates:       Sundays          Nov. 7, 14 (OFF 21 to start T-Day break) 28        

Dec. 5, 12 (OFF 12/19 & 12/26 Holiday Break) 
Jan.  2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Tournament:   Feb. 6 (quarter-finals and of quarters will play another game)
Feb 13 (finals - completed by 4pm for Super Bowl)

***There is an obvious challenge with a winter schedule and so many teams/schools both private and public with different calendars.  We are trying to avoid forfeits for teams that will not show up.  We can’t take 2 weeks off at Thanksgiving so more people will be back in town (11/28) at the end of week off as opposed to before (11/21) especially with some districts taking a full week off now.


***Regarding Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza many schools now have 2.5 weeks or 3 weekends off so we must play at the beginning (12/12) as many kids do not need to be back until the Tuesday or even Wednesday the first week of January.  Yes, this is a long layoff until Jan 2, but we are working on a 4 game guarantee Holiday Tournament (12/27 - 12/30)...more to come soon.



Times:       11am – 8pm   Obviously this is subject to the total number of teams participating.

Games:10 game league schedule guarantee. Top 6 teams make tournament in each “A” grade division. (WE WILL NOT HAVE A TOURNEY FOR “B” DIVISIONS).  There simply is not enough gym space to accommodate all the necessary games on Super Bowl Sunday.

***We will play (2) rounds of games on Feb 6. (seeds 3 v 6 and 4 v 5 then winners vs seeds 2 & 1.  Championship games will be completed by 4pm on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 13).


Schedule: games will be scheduled: youngest/earliest to oldest/latest

·         4th grade boys and 5th girls (11am-2pm typically)

·         5th grade boys and 6th grade girls (12pm -4pm)

·         6th grade boys and 7th grade girls (3pm-6pm)   

·         7th, 8th & HS grade boys (6pm, 7pm, 8pm typically)

        This is a general guideline to help you plan and communicate with your parents as well as schedule their football/baseball/lacrosse/soccer/etc. activities. These are NOT guaranteed times because until teams have registered and paid we cannot predict the exact schedule.

* Once all teams and divisions are registered we will look at the challenges of Feb. 13 (Super Bowl Sunday) if any.  We expect to have all games completed by 4 pm.  

   * All finals will be played on Feb. 13th.

***At Large Games - teams that do not end up making the top 6 tournament in their division may request an additional “match-up” game on either Feb 2 or Feb 13 at a simple $125 per team game based on available gym space for those teams that want additional game dates. We will re-visit this issue the second week of January.

***Teams playing in multiple leagues, Jr. Feeder/Jr. Feeder B or C teams/CMLA/ATPP, etc. make sure you tell those predominantly SATURDAY LEAGUES not to schedule you on Sundays or at least schedule around our parameters (see above).  Meaning if you are a 6th, 7th & 8th grade team, if they want to schedule you for a Sunday game they should put you at the beginning of the day because you play late in the day with us.  Vice versa for 4th and 5th grade teams.  This also goes for teams playing in multiple leagues on Sundays "A" Feeder/JCC/NYO, etc.  WE WILL NOT ACCOMMODATE TEAMS THAT HAVE A CONFLICT WITH THEIR OTHER LEAGUE WHO DO NOT WORK WITHIN THESE GUIDELINES.

Fees and Deadlines

Fees and Deadlines:

Email [email protected] if you require an invoice. If no invoice is needed, you may pay by credit card online or mail a check. All checks made to CPBA and mailed to PO Box 88 Alpharetta, GA 30004

                                             $1,500...this covers your team fee and ALL GATE FEES for the ENTIRE SEASON!!!!

At first glance this looks like a higher price than our competitors, however when you break down the actual cost we are much more fairly priced.  

Competitor A: $1,200 for 14 games and $7 per head gate fee for every game all season at 10 dates x 15 fans x $7 = $1,050 + $1,200 = $2,250

Competitor B: $750 for 10 games and $5 per head gate fee for every game all season at 10 dates x 15 fans x $7 = $750 + $750 = $1,500

These calculations are for a 10 player team and with ONLY 15 fans.  Obviously THEIR true costs are much higher with more than 15 fans per team per game.  They also charge a gate fee for tournament games which increases your charge even higher compared to our set rate. 

* Online payments may incur a convenience fee by the processing company.  You can simply send a check and avoid any/all processing fees. 


a)      do not have their team score sheets and at the time of their game ($10 per occurrence - prior to your game...industry standard)...we highly suggest printing off 20 sheets and leave 10 in your vehicle and 10 with an assistant coach to avoid.

b)      choose to not show up (we need 24 hour notice) for a game and leave another team without an opponent last minute ($75)

c)      choose to not play their game for any reason including 2 teams from the same organization and cancel last minute without communicating (we need 8 days notice) when the master schedule is generated in November ($75 per team per occurrence)

d)      any physical damage to the facility or campus by your players, parents or fans of your organization (amount TBD)

            ***Items a, b and c are merely organization and communication while having respect for the opponent and league. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of play in future games until fines are paid in full.

Waivers, Insurance, Uniforms


Each team must create an account listing the head coach and any (1) assistant coach with email addresses and contact information.  this should be completed by the coach or team administrator.  You will click the "Register" icon in the top right corner of the website then select the grade and subdivision that is appropriate to create your team name. Team Names should have the number grade, subdivision letter and then your team name.  For example, "5A Mavericks".  This makes the reading of the overall schedule much easier when multiple teams are from the same organization.

NEW 2020:  In the past you had to list and invite your players to your roster and every parent had to create an account and then accept their child's place on the team in the system.  We are removing this process to make things easier for coaches and parents on the front end of the process.  Once coaches register their team, we will email you a PDF form (2020-21 Collegiate Prep Roster and Waiver) with player roster and parent waiver and liability information.  Type and complete then send back to us.  Next print a paper copy for your parents to sign and deliver back to us prior to Nov 2 and your first game.  The only "opportunity cost" of this convenience is that we are now unable to communicate with your parents directly and all communication regarding the schedule will go through the team coach. 

Previously coached in this league: You need to Log in using your account created specifically for Collegiate Prep.  You may have other accounts for other organizations that use Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect. 

1st Time Coaches in our Collegiate Prep League: You must create an account even if you have created an account within Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect for any other organization.


All coaches need to (type complete) submit a 2021-22 Collegiate Prep Roster and Waiver that will be sent after the coach creates the team by registering on the website and submitting payment.
Players who are not on the initial team roster and have a signed CPBA waiver will not be allowed to play.
  If a coach is somehow able to sneak a player without the knowledge of CPBA, that particular team coach assumes ANY and ALL risk regarding that player’s safety as well as is solely financially responsible and risks forfeiting that game that an illegal player participates.


All teams are required to have their own liability insurance policy that has Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy and King’s Ridge Christian School listed and held harmless for ANY and ALL claims or negligence.  Teams that do not have insurance please feel free to contact the providers listed below. ALL HEAD COACHES/PROGRAM COORDINATORS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIABILITY OF THEIR OWN PLAYERS AND BY PARTICIPATING AGREE TO SUCH TERMS.  It is your responsibility to protect yourself as an independent entity.  Collegiate Prep recruits the teams, organizes the officials, schedules the games, secures facilities and executes all administrative aspects, but each team is an independent contractor.

* Terry L. Green and Associates: Contact Rhonda Crook [email protected] 678.344.9994

* Chappel Team Insurance: Contact Daryl Chappel 800.447.6797

* AYSAA: 678-205-8055 770-978-2780 (fax)


Teams are required to provide their own uniforms with numbers on both front and back of the jersey.  Yes, you must have both light and dark colored jerseys.  Shorts can remain constant.

Game Rules, Rosters, Score Sheets

Game Format and Rules:              

* All coaches must use and have the CPBA score sheet.  Other score sheets or writing it on a piece of paper will result in an administrative technical foul and we will begin the game with no jump ball, 2 free throws for the opponent and possession to the opponent.

* (2) 20 minute running clock halves

* stopped clock last :30 seconds of the first half and last 1 minute of the second half

* 1st overtime - 2 minute overtime with a running clock, stopped the last 30 seconds..
If still tied 2nd overtime - we jump the ball and we will put (2) more minutes on the clock (running- no stopping) it is the first team to score (2) or more points.   For this second overtime if no one scores (2) points at the end of this second overtime the game will end as a tie.  If a team has scored (1) point they will win.  If no one has scored the game will be recorded as a tie.

* all other rules governed by Georgia High School Rules

* This means that only (1) head coach is allowed to stand during the game and must remain inside the designated coaching box.  The head coach is the ONLY coach that is permitted to speak to officials per GHSA rules.

* Coaches are responsible for the actions of their fans and will be given a warning then assessed a bench technical foul which is assessed to the head coach. 

* Any coaches removed from a game (2 technical fouls) are automatically suspended for the next scheduled game. Suspended coaches are not allowed to attend the suspended game.


Basketball size:


   * 4th, 5th & 6th grade boys – 28.5 (women’s size)

   * 7th & 8th grade boys – 29.5

   * teams crossing over between leagues will play with the ball designated for that division that the game is scheduled (if 7th grade girls play in a 7th grade boys division they will play with the larger 29.5 ball)


All teams must have players registered on the form provided with registration. All players must sign the waiver as well.

*only players registered and on the official score sheet will be allowed to play

*school enrollment or dated report card showing the player’s grade need to be submitted to your director or coach.  Collegiate Prep does not need or want to collect these.  You will need to produce if there is a protest filed with the league.  Any team filing a protest must do so in writing via email to [email protected].  There is also a $50 administrative fee.  If the accused team is found to be in violation there is a $100 penalty to the team that has an illegal player.  Obviously teams with illegal players will forfeit ALL games that the illegal player participated.

* 7 players minimum and 15 players maximum on a roster

* All rosters are final by Nov. 1 unless there is an extenuating circumstance communicated by the League Commissioner and voted on by the head coaches of that division.  Any players not registered in the system and on your communicated roster will NOT play week 1 (11/7) and will be added on and eligible to play week 2 (11/14).  No excuses, no exceptions. 

* In an attempt to avoid “ringers” players on a roster must play/attend 50% or 5 of the 10 regular season games to be eligible for tournament play. Obviously injured players that were on the original roster and attending games are exempt and eligible to play. Please make the league aware in advance of this so it can be documented.

Officials, Team Benches, Parents


   * Independent Officials from across multiple associations.  We want the best we can get.  Most are seasoned high school patch officials.

   * 2 person crew for all regular season and tournament games

* as the league commissioner I am NOT able to over turn calls of officials, but will occasionally not allow back some for lack of effort or blatantly not knowing the rules.

* parents should not be engaging with officials as this could lead to a bench technical foul. 


Discipline: There is a zero tolerance policy for all coaches, players, parents and fans.

   * Officials have the right to warn an individual or specific fan as well as the team bench.  Coaches will be expected to control the behavior of their fans.  Officials can assess a bench technical foul for the behavior of that team’s fans. 

   * any fans that are required to be removed from the court are prohibited from attending the next scheduled date of games.  After the second incident involving the same fan that fan is prohibited from attending any future games for the remainder of the season.

Team Benches:
it is the responsibility of the team to provide their own warm-up basketballs.  CPBA will provide game balls (Wave or Evolution) for every game.

                        * Teams need to have a towel or towels to wipe up spilled water on both the court and the bench area.  Failure to do so will result in a bench technical foul.  THE CLOCK WILL RUN WHILE TEAMS WIPE UP THE FLOOR & YOUR TEAM WILL BE CHARGED A TIMEOUT AS A PENALTY.  WE NEED TO KEEP GAMES ON TIME BEHIND YOU.  We will start the clock out of a timeout while this occurs as to not delay the game thus leaving yourself open to a technical foul per GHSA rules.

                        * Teams need to clean up all their bottles after their games.  Those who do not will lose the privilege of having bottles on the bench.

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